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150                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

terres of a garden. The colossal figures, from the
top of the St. Sulpice, are placed close to one's
eye, and Cardinal Richelieu's famous monument
from the Sorbonne is exposed to all sorts of in-
jury in the court.

When the Sans Culottes took up all the royal
bodies to throw them into a hole, they found
that of Henri Quatre quite fresh and recognis-
able1—the wound in his side bloody; and the
wretches amused themselves with pulling his beard
and whiskers!

December i^th, 1796.

Basile was with me this morning, white-haired
with poverty, chagrin and imprisonment. The
Vicaire de Menil, being turned out in the general
dissolution of priesthood, married a nun, whom he
divorced and took again. He now is r&gisseur to
M. Lenchere, a millionaire de nouvette date, who
has bought Maisons. Aumont, the Vicaire de
Maison, has behaved well through all vicissitudes,
and earns his livelihood at the post-office.

Taxes and cesses force everyone to sell their

i A cast was made from it, with the beard and mous-
tache still complete.